The ideal festivalsupplement. Take care of yourself while partying.

Your body deserves better.

Partying all night long is an essential part of life, but leaves a huge impact on both your body and brain. Tripsitter contains powerful ingredients that are designed to boost your health.



Tripsitter contains a high – but not dangerous – dose of several antioxidants and adaptogens. These support the brain with its increased metabolism during partying.


Tripsitter is good for the muscles, gives more energy and improves sleep. Not just during partying, but also the days thereafter.


Feelings you experience can range from euphoria to anxiety or other negative feelings. Tripsitter lowers the experience of stress and can work as a general relaxant.

Ingredients based on scientific literature.

Tripsitter contains 6 supplements with a scientifically proven effect on your body and brain. These supplements vary from antioxidants and adaptogens that help protect the body against oxidative stress to the relaxation of muscles through magnesium.


Spread over 3 days

One package of Tripsitter contains 6 identical capsules. Spread over 3 days, Tripsitter helps to prepare your body and brain for a hectic night. Check out our FAQ for a more elaborate instruction.


Day before

Take 2 capsules around 24 hours before partying to start preparing your body with powerful ingredients.


Day of the event

Take 2 capsules 2 hours before partying so Tripsitter can unleash its maximum potential.


Day after

Take 2 capsules the morning or afternoon after partying as the optimal care for restoring your mind and body.

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